The Potent Goat Gummies - Delta 9 & Full Spec CBD 1:1 (2 Packs)

The Potent Goat

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Our new, all natural, organic, vegan recipe!   These Gummies are 300mg per bag.  20mg of cannabinoids per gummy. (10mg of high quality Delta-9 and 10mg of enhanced full spectrum CBD)  With an improved, authentic taste and a smooth entourage effect from the CBD for a better overall experience.  Folks Love Them!  SHIPPING INCLUDED.

2 bags of our Gourmet, Potent Goat Delta 9 Gummies of your choice, with NO SHIPPING INCLUDED!

We have also added track-and-trace technology to our bags. You simply scan the QR code, scratch off the CannVerify sticker to reveal a 4 digit code, and input the code on the QR code web page. It will show more information about our product, and verify that it is a true The Potent Goat creation.